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Skyline Adventures is a quality guiding company, made up of an international group of dedicated mountain guides and outdoor professionals who live and work in Huaraz, Peru. Our passion to help people enjoy and flourish in the wilderness has helped us become the thriving company we are today, committed to maintaining only the highest of standards and consistently offering the very best trips in the area.

As you may have noticed in our name, we consider ourselves a school as well as a guide service. We believe that learning can be both fun and rewarding so whether you find yourself on an outdoor course, a guided trek, or a guided climb, our staff will not just show you the way but will teach and empower you to succeed in the mountain environment. From map reading to knot tying, you will leave Peru with some great new skills to show your friends at home or to use on your next adventure outdoors!

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Without exception, each and every mountain guide and instructor is carefully selected for their technical skills, sound judgment, and impeccable safety record. They are a key ingredient in your trip and also the face of Skyline Adventures guiding service. For this, we are unbending in our high expectations of all of our staff and in all of our interactions with you, our guest. We seek out masters of the craft, be it guiding mountains, teaching skills, or working in the office helping plan your holiday. Everyone here is eager for your arrival in Peru and prepared to deliver the trip of your lifetime!


With so many guide services and tour operators offering trips in the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash of Peru, it can be a tough decision choosing to whom you will trust your hard-earned vacation. What is it then that makes Skyline Adventures so different?

We live in Huaraz. The Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash are our backyard. By focusing 100% of our energy on adventures in this area, we have simply become very good at it! In addition, we don't just sell our trips; we go out there and guide them. We are a small and personable company, often answering the telephone to provide information and then lacing up our own boots and sharing the mountain experience with our guests. For over fifteen years we have helped people realize their dreams as they experience the magic of Peru, Huaraz, and the Andes Mountains. We take your vacation very seriously and we look forward to opening the doors of this part of the world to you.

As a part of that, we make the following promises:

  • To provide prompt, abundant, and upfront information during the months and weeks prior to your trip with Skyline Adventures.
  • To keep your goals at the forefront and work diligently throughout your trip to aid in their realization.
  • To ensure that safety remains our absolute and unquestioned priority.
  • To lead by example with our care for the fragile environments and unique cultures we visit.
  • To do the very best we can in all situations while you are with us in Peru!

While words are cheap, actions speak loudly. Every year an average of 50% of our business comes from return clients and client recommendations. Feel free to peruse our client comments page for trip impressions from seasons past.


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