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Ted Alexander

Head Guide, Mountain Instructor, Owner


In 1998, Ted Alexander made his first journey to Huaraz and began his long climbing tale in the Cordillera Blanca. Ted, or as the locals call him "Alex," founded Skyline Adventures in 2001 and worked as our head guide through until 2007 at which point he became a trainer for all of our mountain staff as well as the program safety coordinator. While he spends more time in the office now than out in the hills, he continues to set and uphold standards of excellence for our alpine and trekking staff and ultimately for the safety and quality of the experience that our guests receive. In addition to being a professional high altitude mountain guide, Ted has worked as a wilderness instructor and program director for Outward Bound in Patagonia as well as a counselor for at-risk youth in the Wilderness School. Ted holds his level II Avalanche certification, Wilderness First Responder Certification, and is a member of the American Mountain Guides Association. He is also the owner of the Sierra Andina Brewing Company in Huaraz so there is no shortage of tasty brews at the end of a Skyline expedition!