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Donkey Driver, High Mountain Porter, Cashapampa


For all of you who come to the Cordillera Blanca for anything in the Santa Cruz area, Zenon and his family will be a memorable part of your expedition. Whether it is trekking the Santa Cruz or Los Cedros circuits or climbing Alpamayo, Quitaraju or Artesonraju from the North, this is our trusted man! With a beautiful little home in the trail-head town of Cashapampa, most of our groups start their trips right from Zenon’s house and many finish there as well (with some cold beers if they happen to arrive prior to the van!). You will see true Andean hospitality and kindness in him and his sons, as well as a trustworthy, hard-working, strong addition to your team. It’s also worth noting that Zenon has one of the greatest smiles we have ever seen!