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Micher Quito

Guide, Mountain Instructor

micher One of the most impassioned climbers in the Huaraz area we know… if he is not working in the mountains he is almost definitely still out there playing, developing a new rock site or looking for a new adventure on an unclimbed peak. Micher began bouldering & rock climbing at 15 years old and at 16 decided he’d give the big mountains a try as well. On a weekend trip during high school he took his first expedition to Alpamayo with some friends (FYI most people take 5+ days to climb this peak) and hasn’t really stopped since then. From 2006-2010 he participated in the UIAGM guides course in Huaraz and upon graduation began working with Skyline as one of our most talented and professional high altitude alpine guides. Besides his adventures all over the Sierra of Peru, he has climbed in Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, Columbia, Austria and Germany. These days he dedicates much of his free time to exploring and developing new rock climbing areas in Peru, of which there are MANY, and is a key player in the growing popularity of the sport in the country. You’ll definitely see him in the guidebooks for numerous first ascents and with luck you’ll see his name on your trip roster as one of your expedition’s guides!