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Juan Lluya

Expedition Cook, High Mountain Porter, FAMOUS BEER CELEBRITY




The Lluya family is practically famous in Huaraz for its long heritage of expedition cooks. When you have a Lluya on your trip, you can rest assured you will be well cared for in the culinary realm of things, always greeted with a warm smile and usually a hot beverage in tow. Juan Lluya grew up in the mountains surrounding Huaraz, works as a farmer and also a cook, donkey driver, porter, and camp guard. From an early age, Juan began his work with expeditions in the area, always eager to meet and assist those whom have come to discover his “backyard” for the first time. Now over 70 years old, Juan spends less time in the mountains than before but has inspired us so much over the years with his hard work that he has become the name and the face of the Sierra Andina Brewing Company´s Don Juan Porter beer.  Juan, your legend will go on forever and ever!