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Gladys Jiminez

Trekking Guide


Gladys was born about 50 kilometers north of Huaraz in a small town called Yungay. She moved to Huaraz for her secondary schooling and then University where she earned a degree in Tourism & Outdoor Leadership. An inherent fascination for the world beyond the city walls and her delightful social character pointed her naturally in this direction.  Her first expedition into the Cordillera Blanca occurred during her studies, and sparked the still-burning flame that draws her into the mountains as often as life allows. Since then she has become a nationally certified trekking guide, is an avid personal climber & mountaineer, adventurer & bird watcher, and speaks Spanish, Quetcha & English.  She has traveled all over South America and the northwest United States, but still calls Huaraz home, at least during the high season months! Carrying her Wilderness First Responder certification and always seeking out new opportunities for professional development, Gladys is a truly spectacular companion to have along on any journey.