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Willy Beltran

Guide, Mountain Instructor


Born at the foot of Huascaran, Peru’s highest peak, Willy spent his childhood preparing for a career as a mountain guide. He began working as a porter on big expeditions all around the Cordillera Blanca range to earn both money and the necessary experience to begin his accreditation process towards a prestigious UIAGM Certification. As his training for this, Willy spent most of his years from his early 20’s on in the mountains as an aspirant guide, apprenticing under others and developing his own strength, style, and techniques as a guide. Having earned the title of UIAGM mountain guide in 2002, Willy has worked on just about every peak in the National Park with groups from around the globe and continues to do so with patience and professionalism in all aspects of the job. Now in his late 30’s, Willy has three daughters and a blossoming career as an alpine guide and instructor.