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Nacho Espinosa

Guide, Mountain Instructor

nacho Nacho begin his climbing career in Ecuador at the young and influencial age of 9, thanks to family ties to the vertical world.  At 20 he found himself dividing his time between university studies (art and anthropology) and climbing, although the later seemed to typically win his preference.  He dedicated himself completely to alpine guiding at 22 years old, pursuing the prestigious UIAGM mountain guide certification which he sucessfully completed in 2011.  As with many mountaineers, rock-climbing is also one of his true-loves and he can typically be found on the crags outside of Huaraz (or on the climbing wall at the Skyline basecamp when he sleeps in too late to make it to the actual rock) whenever he has ‘rest’ days between mountain itineraries.  Besides being a spectacularly talented climber & guide, he may try to give you a copy of the CD that his band just put out (he is also a punk-rock bass-playing music star, of course) and will certainly talk your ear off about his son who he is always thining of & missing when in the Cordillera Blanca.  Nacho brings decades of experience & inspiration into every trip he shares with his clients in the mountains; he is one of our top guides and a tressured friend, really he has become an integral  part of the Skyline family over his past 5 seasons in Peru & we look forward to sharing many many more adventure-packed years with him on our team.