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Jenn Hrinkevich

Program Director, Enrollment & Marketing, Mountain Guide, Owner

jenn Jenn discovered climbing during her teens and has been drawn to the vertical world ever since. Her climbing has led her all over the USA, Africa, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, and Peru. After graduating from Radford University with a B.A. in Outdoor Recreation and Education, Jenn began work with Outward Bound in 1997, filling the positions of Instructor, Head Climber, Course Director, Mountaineering Specialist, and Staff Trainer as well as developing & directing the mountaineering program in Patagonia. She has climbed most of the peaks you can name in the Cordillera Blanca and currently spends her professional energy getting YOU the information you need to get enrolled on one of our trips. You will no doubt exchange emails and phone calls with her as you are putting together your trip and she will be the one to make sure that your experience in the mountains is flawlessly executed. If you are lucky, you may have her join you on your climb or trek for a few days as well, however you are more likely to see her training on her bike in the dark, early morning hours when you leave town on your expedition and she tries to maintain her national mountain-bike champion status before the office-day work begins!